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Here are 3 important reasons why you should invest your money on our company

  • We Are Less Expensive Than Most Ad Networks & PPC Advertising
  • Your Website Will Always Be Displayed On Websites That Are Only Revelant To Your Niche
  • Dramatically Increase Your Rankings On Search Engines
  • Receive 1,000's Of Real People Directly To Your Website At Unbeatable Prices
  • Increase Your Conversions, Leads & App Installs Today

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Use Popunder Ads To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website, Rev Up Sales & Generate More Leads Today

  • .002/CPV (cents per visitor)
  • Pay when they click to visit your website
  • Increase your sales, leads or app installs
  • Live 24/7 statistic tracking
  • User friendly interface
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Display ads at certain times of the day
  • Desktop & mobile targeting
  • Every visitor is unique
  • Campaigns approved immediately

We Pay Our Publishers World Wide

  • Get paid every 15 days
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Up to 85% of the ad income
  • Quality Support
  • Earn 10% more w/ our referral program
  • Direct deposit via paypal

Why Choose Link Targeter ?

  • Own adserver solution
  • Find customers who matter
  • 100% inventory monetization
  • Global coverage and low CPV rates
  • Receive superb maximum exposure
  • Choose Your Own Budget
  • Click Fraud Detection & Protection Service
  • 24/7 qualified support

Promote Your Product, Service, Affiliate Link, Offer or Mobile App


Would you like to have 1,000's of prospects looking at your website, ready to buy product or service? If so, you're at the right place! We know that you need visitors for a successful online business. Without them, there's no one to visit your website and buy your product, signup for your offer or service. Our pop-under advertising network provides a low cost and effective online marketing solution that actually works. We can help your business get more online quality traffic by advertising your business on websites such as cnn, rolling stones, entrepreneur, shopping networks like amazon and thousands of other websites that are targeted to your market. The internet is a vast entity and kick starting your online business doesn't have to take a ridiculous amount of cash. We'll send real people to see your web site starting immediately! Whether it's a business website, online video, social media profile, MLM website, blog, online store, restaurant, or just a personal online page made for fun, we'll deliver people straight to your website targeted to the exact audience you wish to target.

Stop spending your time and advertising dollars fooling around with free traffic exchanges, solo ads, paid to surf sites, banner ads or pay per click search engines, only to see your web site's stat counter to move a little with no sales. Sure, banner advertising seems nice - but generally are not effective. Very often, only about .5% (or less!) of the people who see a banner advertisement will click on it with no conversions. Pay per click is always a great source of advertising but most of the time you have to have a huge budget in order for your business to see conversions. To be honest, if you don't know what you are doing online then don't expect to receive any sales on pay per click. As for the other services I mentioned earlier, well you probably already know that it will never convert and most of the time these services can get you banned from major search engines. What are you waiting for? GET STARTED >>>

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Why choose us?

geo Target


Choose from over 100+ Countries. Drive traffic to your website from all over the world or certain countries.


Target Your Audience

Display your website to people who are actively searching for the exact products or services that you offer.


Time Targeting

Choose the time-of-day your ads are displayed and optimize your campaigns for your audience's online buying behavior in a day.


Device Targeting

Ability to select to target your ads on either desktop or certain mobile devices.


Daily Capping

Limit the number of times your ad is displayed to a visitor and avoid overexposure and response drops.


Real Time Stat

Monitor your campaigns performance in real time that allows you to respond to any changes and optimize for better results.

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