Member Centeris an extension of software function.It provides more advanced service and
satisfies needs.Users can sign up for free ,top up or be idle on Spirit in order to get member service.


1,Unnecessary be idle,traffic any time. 6,Set more proportion of pop-up and click.
2,Number of traffic be set as per hour. 7,Add more traffic source and Match-Click.
3,Unlimited for number of site added. 8,Set traffic from PC or ME.
4,Set max 15 minute time. 9,Allow to play Video in the webpage.
5,Set more PV proportion of traffic. 10,Be idle for points to exchange service.
Recent Updates(2017.10.17)
1, The numbers for adding site in the batch is updated to 1000.
2, New colocation traffic function in the idling mode.
3, New function named Rapid Traffic in the traffic curve,you can speed traffic.
4, Traffic is classified as computer and mobile.
5, Add touch operation and input operation functions.
6, Add visit rule function to add many visit rules.

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