How to Survive Google Panda Update 2016


Without a doubt Google is the most used search engine worldwide. Most of the traffic that flows to the websites also comes from this extraordinarily popular search engines. Needless to say, getting a high-ranking on Google is the aim of every website owner and for this they optimize their websites according to Google’s wishes. When Google announced a change in its website ranking system through the Panda update, all website owners took notice and changed the way their websites were optimized. Those who did not pay attention however, got penalized and their website traffic reduced drastically. If you are among the people who got hit by Google’s Panda update then here are some tips that can help you in getting your website back on track.

Improve the Quality of Content on Your Website

One of the major reasons why many websites ranking fell down because of the Panda update was that they did not have quality content present on them. Most of the content present on those websites was either copied from other resources or was not helpful to the searchers in general. For such websites, the only way to survive and get back to their original raking is to start publishing quality content. This way, they will be able to escape the wrath of Google’s Panda update.

Limit the Number of Ads on the Website

Thus use of too many ads on the websites was another of the factors that resulted in the demotion of several websites from the top of the results pages to the bottom of the pile. Since Google’s Panda update focuses on providing helpful and informational content to the researchers, it cracked down heavily on the websites that had only ads placed on them and had no information for the researchers. Thus, limiting the number of ads placed on a webpage and adding informational content instead is the best way to survive for a website in the current scenario.

Organic Back Links Instead of Purchased Ones

 The quality of a websites back links were also among the main aspects that were scrutinized by the Google’s Panda update. Websites that had several low quality back links generated from low ranking and irrelevant websites were hit hard and their ranking got severely affected. On the other hand, the websites that had back links coming from authentic and high PR websites did not lose their ranking. Thus, it is easy to deduce that if you want to increase the ranking for your website on Google in the current situation than you have to start generating organic back links only for your website and stop purchasing them.

Regular Inspection of the Website

In the aftermath of the Google’s Panda update, it has become necessary for website owner to keep doing regular inspections of his website to find out and address issues like broken links and empty web pages. This is necessary because if there are such issues present of a website, Google is not going to rank it highly on its results pages.

If you keep in mind all the tips that I mentioned above, you can easily survive Google’s Panda update and can keep your website ranked highly on Google.

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