Where to advertise online for free

Where to advertise online for free

Starting up an enterprise is always a good and welcoming idea. It is even better to start up an enterprise and now considering how the internet has leveled the playing ground for doing business. On the ecommerce platform, all you need to be able to compete with top brands is substantial efforts, time and patience. If need help you can seek advice from an ecommerce development company. They could be a great source of help on how to develop your business. A magento ecommerce agency can always help you out on matters relating to magento when consulted. This is because having a website is not enough but a good magento ecomerce agency will give adequate information on how to go about having a website. Even with an official website, you need to create awareness about what it is you do.

Every business needs promotion else it will not even leave the ground let alone get running. You can start up an enterprise and keep quiet about it. If you do, no one will know about it. You either start telling people about it or seek for a professional help which may cost you a penny or two. On the ecommerce front, there are different forms of marketing and you can choose one or more when you want to start a campaign. Most times if not all the time, these marketing campaigns usually command a lump sum on their own part. As a budding firm or organization, these amounts of money is not something you can afford especially if it’s not a one campaign. Affiliate marketing is not the most preferred choice of marketing for small scale business owners. At this stage, you’re probably wondering if you as a small scale business owner stand a chance in the ecommerce front. You can promote your business for free, journey with me while I show you where to advertise online for free.

Online Directories for Businesses

These are very good platforms for promoting your business with no cost at all. Some online directories for businesses include: Google My Business, Bing Places, Yellow Pages, eLocal, Submit Express, Super Pages, MapQuest, EZ Local, Merchant Circle, Local.com, Entire Web, Manta, Insider Pages, Moo-Directory, SubmitX, Simply Worthy, So Much. THIS.etc. Google my business for example is a good place for starts as it offers local business listings on Google properties, including Google Search and Google Maps. However, it is necessary that you update your Google My Business listing and check that all information provided is accurate. You can also make a few changes to the images contained in it to ensure that only your best side is showing. You can also use more than one platform as long as you can effectively manage it.

Post on social media

Similar to talking to your friends about your business, you can post about your business on Facebook and tag your friends so that it appears on their timeline. You can do same on Instagram as well as Twitter. On Facebook however, you will look professional when the posts about your business are coming from your official page instead of your personal profile. On Twitter, you should have an official handle for your business and post only content related to your business there.

Do social media giveaways

Though it isn’t entirely free, it does not involve using physical cash but your products or services to get it done. This is a win-win situation for me for two basic reasons. First, this is one side way of getting your prospects engaged and looking in your direction while they get to have the feeling or experience of using your product or service. It is a nice way of saying thank you to existing customers while reaching potential new customers.

Influencer marketing

Just like running a giveaway, influencers don’t usually come cheap not to talk of being free. There is however a steal to this idea if you can identify the proper channel to getting it. Popular influencers are a no go area for small business owner despite the large followers they command on social media. This is because they charge astronomical rates and they are not the best with user engagement. Micro influencers on the other hand may not have the most influence but have been known to have better user engagement as well as willing to promote business for the price of a product or a free trial.

Guest blogging

Bloggers know that they may not always be able to constantly provide their web users with steady updates of content so they almost always allow guest blogging. You can promote your business by posting about a trending topic that will bring up your business or that is related to your business. Despite that fact, not every blogger will allow certain post on their blog especially when they are an affiliate to your competitor. So before you hurry into guest blogging, ensure that there are certain terms that have been agreed upon so that no party feels cheated. After all, the idea of the whole thing was to promote your business.

Online forums

This is similar to using social media but it can also be done outside social media. It is best that you stick to the category suits your business. You should also avoid bringing out your business first when someone opens up on a need that your business can settle. For example, if you’re a professional psychologist and someone complains of being depressed. Do not be in a hurry to ask the person to seek your professional help or come for therapy. Instead start the process there and then. You may be surprised how many other persons will benefit from the information you give. Though the person may not come for therapy, people in the forum may not immediately be drawn to you and so on. In the long run however you will buy them over with your show of professionalism and they will not just patronize you but also refer others to you.

Most of means stated here are totally free and/or takes time and patience to be actualized. However, none of these means have ever failed individuals who diligently and persistently use them.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

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