E-commerce App Development-Dos And Dont’s

The world has gone digital and those who cannot keep up are left behind. The level of ecommerce development speaks volumes. Ecommerce and M-commerce is now the order of the day. For those who are looking to make the most of ecommerce and m-commerce, a website and an app are your best bets. This article will give you ecommerce development dos and don’ts.

Don’t abuse push notifications

Push notifications are great. They help keep people up to date on what is happening on the apps on their phones. Considering what they bring to the table, it is obvious that they will be a great addition to your ecommerce app. It is important not to abuse this feature. Before you decide things that will always popup on the screens of individuals using your app, remember that your app is not the only app on their mobile devices. Not every update should go to their screen. This may be a great feature but it can also cause your app users to block notifications coming from your app.

Do use a simple design

Simplicity is key and it does not look like changing anytime soon. I do not mean to sound negative but life is already hard and you should not make it harder with your app. Most times, ecommerce development companies want to provide exquisite services. They are quick to forget that the people using these services have little or no knowledge about ecommerce development or mix and match woocommerce. When designing your app, try to keep your app so simple that an average user can use it with no assistance.

Do make your navigation simple

Talking about the design, let us get to a few of its details. One aspect of web design that defines it is its navigation. Although there are various areas of web design, app navigation is very important. Your ecommerce app is as good or bad as its navigation. Three steps navigation is best in my opinion. If your web users cannot find what they want after three clicks, then you need to redesign your ecommerce app’s navigation. With an easy to use navigation, your ecommerce app users will not just easily use your website but will enjoy doing so.

Do make the sign up as well as check out processes simple and short

This is probably what I was talking about when I said you should not make life harder with your app. It is quite obvious that a lot of these woocommerce name your price companies want to look legitimate and authentic. I actually do not have a problem with that. Where I have problems is the fact that they end up stressing app users. I wonder where they get the orientation from. Do not make your sign up processes longer than that of the interview of a multinational company. As for the aspect of checking out, I will use my next point to explain better.

Don’t forget to save customer data

How will you feel if you are addressed with your name when buying something from your favorite store after just purchasing an item for the second? You will feel good right. I bet you will feel better if they delivered your purchases to the address you used the first time. Your ecommerce app should be no different. The idea of saving a customer’s details is no longer a trend but a necessity. Saving your app users’ data will go a long way to boost your performance. It will increase the speed at which your customers check out. It will also boost your sales as you will be able to use target marketing. Research shows that people buy more when they are shown a related item to the one they bought as they buy them than on a later date. You can only identify a related item when you have information on the purchases made by your customers.

Don’t do without two factor authentication

In as much as you want to keep things safe, you also need to keep things secure. As an ecommerce firm, you are dealing with a lot of financial information and you need to secure them. It will save you a lot of trouble using a two factor authentication process especially when it comes to checking out.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.
Junaid Ali Qureshi