5 successful ways to make most out of your e-commerce website

E-commerce website in this century has remained the activity of employing marketing campaign to boost traffic to your online store, drive more sales to your store by means of switching that traffic and conversions into paying clients and keep hold of those client’s post-purchase. This is why advertisers say marketing has witnessed a great revolution by moving from customer acquisition, through customer retention to customer selection, which is emphatically called ‘adverse selection’.  

At this juncture, you need to know that a holistic e-commerce promotion tactic encompasses dynamics promotion strategy both on and off your website, therefore, the woocommerce mix and match needs a resonance promotion approach that would facilitate them to build brand awareness, drive consumer trustworthiness, and at the same time eventually amplify online sales and also increase traffic and conversions.

Do you know you can use your e-commerce promotion to sponsor your online store as a whole or to drive extra transactions and conversions for some explicit products?

As an e-commerce development company, have you always been looking for new ways to make the most out of your e-commerce website by driving vigorous traffic and sales to your store? Are you also bothered about why some e-commerce websites provide evidence of productivity and others remain unproductive? If these are your worries, let me take you through this successful way to make the most out of your e-commerce website.

For the fact that every woocommerce smart coupons desires to amplify traffic and conversions, and have set together some fundamental approach to achieving them, it does not guarantee it will work optimally without the challenge of not knowing which promotional campaign they should employ.

It is for this reason that we came up with an outline of a successful promotion strategy alongside ideas to facilitate the implementation of this strategy, which will in return help you make most out of your e-commerce website.

  • Sell premium product instead of low-grade product: As an e-commerce development company, if you would you like to supersize your product categorization, then you need to employ the approach of selling a considerably more quality product than the exact product the shopper was initially considering. This Akinbode (2014) helps to build brand loyalty and face competition under competitive conditions and helps to build up brand image and brand loyalty, and when customers have developed brand loyalty it becomes difficult for the intermediaries to change it. For many e-commerce websites, upwelling can be more successful than acquiring a net new consumer. Sometimes your consumers do not know that a quality product is existing, or they may need more confirmation to comprehend how improvement is a better fit for their needs.
  • Integrate social network marking: Social networks like Instagram and Facebook store help you make the most of your e-commerce website. For Instagram with more than 500 million daily active users, it is one of the highest growing social apps in this century, linking customers, influencers, and helping to build brands. New products need an introduction because potential customers have never used such products earlier and advertisement prepares the ground for that new product, thus employing this social media apps boost traffic to your online store, drive more sales to your store.  For instance, posting persuasive photos on Instagram using the hashtags strategically helps you build an outsized Instagram following of people who are fascinated in your products and are ready to patronize you. Nevertheless, the key to mastering your unrefined Instagram existence is rendezvous with your followers.

Here are a few ways to engage with your audience on Instagram:

  1. Pay to play on Instagram,
  2. Display your product
  3. Post frequent content, about 3 photos a day and daily information about your product or services,
  4. Comment and like on competitors vastly engaged followers
  5. Make use of shoucart.com to control influencer promotion to chop intensification from new paid account sponsorship,
  6. Create shoppable Instagram posts
  7. Gives your followers a direct pathway to buy or patronize you.

On the other hand, launching a Facebook store helps you make the most of your online store as an e-commerce development company because Facebook remains a feasible platform for social media and e-commerce marketing and it is undemanding to initiate sales through your Facebook store. You need to know that your Facebook store can be integrated unswervingly with your Shopify store; therefore, this helps you not to keep a separate inventory.

Do the following to get started with Facebook marketing: 

  1. Make use of carousal ads to show different products
  2. Include products to cart
  3. Make use of lively product ads to retarget guests who visit your product pages
  4. Make use emoji’s and video content to capture attention in the timeline feed
  5. Catch the attention of your customers via email: 

Report has it that the key to a vigorous business is recurring business and the most excellent way to impel reiterated buyers for e-commerce development is via email marketing.  

As an e-commerce development company, email marketing is one of the mainly successful channels at your disposal for boosting traffic and conversions into paying clients, making sales and generating repeat customers. The study by Forrester Research in 2015 clearly revealed that approximately 17% of digital marketing spend happened in email, but it adds 24% of revenue.

Emails deal with personality and offer a friendlier dealing than another approach, therefore, people feel more protecting of messages received on their personal inboxes than any other means.

Do the following to get started with email marketing:  

  1. Have a working email address,
  2. Acquire as many subscribers as you can by energetically sponsoring your newsletter, blog and any other email
  3. Visit their sites of your competitors and see how they do it better.
  4. Make your email operations effective: Catching a cluster of email addresses is not sufficient to make the most of your e-commerce website, but sending customary and priceless emails for the channel to be a successful e-commerce promotion action.

Do the following to make your email operations effective:

  1.  Ensure you get the email address of all your customers,
  2.  Send a reception email when your customer makes a purchase,
  3. Send wishlist memento emails
  4. Provide fashionable ads codes and free gifts for your customers
  5. Send customary newsletters to tell subscribers of fresh reduction bid,
  6. Provide regular product tips and always company news to help your customers have a solid idea of newly procured items.
  7. Always express gratitude for their patronage and ask for feedback.
  • Design your store aesthetically: Customers at first go aesthetically designed, it will catch the attention of great customers, but if it were poorly designed, then you would lose many customers. Therefore, never allow your store to lack a clear objective, an apparent value intention, and catchy functional typography. Maintain balance, clarity, unity, rhythm, proportional and harmony in all your graphical elements. Segment your products. Do not put countless products on a single page and ensure your site is easily accessible and not to difficult to use.

 Follow all these recommended approaches and expect a developed e-commerce website.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.
Junaid Ali Qureshi