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Popunder Advertising The Most Cost-Effective Ad Format

  • .004 cents per visitor
  • Increase your revenue up to 300%
  • We help any online business
  • Live 24/7 statistic tracking
  • User friendly interface
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Campaigns approved immediately
  • Desktop & mobile targeting
  • Every visitor is unique
  • Display ads at certain times of the day

We Pay Our Publishers World Wide

  • Get paid every 15 days
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Up to 85% of the ad income
  • Quality Support
  • Earn 10% more w/ our referral program
  • Direct deposit via paypal

Why Choose Link Targeter ?

  • Own adserver solution
  • Find customers who matter
  • 100% inventory monetization
  • Global coverage and low CPV rates
  • Receive superb maximum exposure
  • Choose Your Own Budget
  • Click Fraud Detection & Protection Service
  • 24/7 qualified support

Here's What We Can Do!


With we can help Your Business Get More Online Traffic by Advertising on High Traffic Websites. Our online advertising network that provides a flexible, intelligent CPV-based marketing platform. We provide a cost-effective advertising platform based on a Cost-Per-View (CPV) model, enabling you to target the specific audience that you have in mind at a price that you select.

With Link Targeter, you can attract customers who are most interested in your service or product, drastically improving the results of your campaign. Our experienced team is committed to delivering outstanding customer support and helping you achieve the highest Return on investment (ROI).

Simple As 1, 2, 3 & 4!


Create account, click on confirmation email & select the device you wish to target.

Select the niche and geographical location you want to target then proceed to step 4.

Choose amount of days you want to run your ads for and the exact time of day.

Finally fund your campaign and your advertiser campaign will immediately start.

Why choose us?

geo Target


Choose from over 100+ Countries. Drive traffic to your website from all over the world or certain countries.


Target Your Audience

Display your website to people who are actively searching for the exact products or services that you offer.


Time Targeting

Choose the time-of-day your ads are displayed and optimize your campaigns for your audience's online buying behavior in a day.


Device Targeting

Ability to select to target your ads on either desktop or certain mobile devices.


Daily Capping

Limit the number of times your ad is displayed to a visitor and avoid overexposure and response drops.


Real Time Stat

Monitor your campaigns performance in real time that allows you to respond to any changes and optimize for better results.

Meet Some Of Our Clients

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